One Minute

October 25, 2014

I just finished a very short piece for two electric guitars. Composing a one minute piece is fun. How much do you want to say in one minute? From the great book about compassionate communication, which I am reading and gave to a bunch of friends, I learn that one shouldn’t talk longer than 30 seconds. When talking longer, one doesn’t control any more what information will be registered by the listener. From that perspective, a minute is too long! I noticed myself thinking about some of my favourite music ever, while writing this: the six Bagatelles for string quartet by Anton Webern. Sighs, stellar constellations. In my piece fast gestures, screams, frozen moments, echoeing melodical fragments. It is called Tula: a mesoamerican site, a Russian city, and a brand of baby strollers. I learn on the internet.

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