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Wiek Hijmans

Wiek Hijmans (1967) is an electric guitarist, specialized in performing new music with and for his instrument. Collaboration with composers is essential. Hijmans wrote an instrumentation guide for the instrument. 

As a composer, Wiek Hijmans has been creating music all his life. From jazz and rock oriented music, to soundscapes and beats for dance performances.

The main body of his compositional work is a collection of 150 solo pieces for electric guitar. A selection of twelve of these pieces has just been released: Psalms Electrified, the edition includes a book with new translations of the twelve psalm texts. 

Please look here for more information.

Very moving to see someone so dedicated to research what I have been doing. Thanks Mr. Aguzzi!


here is a link to the article


Performing new music with electric guitar since 1987


photo Reinoud Leenen


1-11-2019 Chasse Theater, Breda (Try-out)

2-11-2019 Chasse Theater, Breda ( Première)

5-11-2019 Verkadefabriek,  Den Bosch

9-11-2019 Stadsschouwburg, Amsterdam

22-11-2019 Toneelschuur, Haarlem  

23-11-2019 Toneelschuur, Haarlem 

December 2019

4-12-2019 Theater Rotterdam, Rotterdam

18-12-2019  Leidse Schouwburg, Leiden

21-12-2019   Energiehuis, Dordrecht

Januari 2020

10-01-2020 Theater a/h Spui, Den Haag 

14-01-2020 Theaters Tilburg, Tilburg

22-01-2020  Theater a/h Vrijthof, Maastricht

25-01-2020 Chasse Theater EM de Jongzaal Cultuurnacht  Breda 

Maart 2020

10 -03-2020 Raadhuis, Hilversum  (speciale versie Solas)

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