A view on sixties esthetics

October 30, 2014

Today, I felt like I have become a teacher: after yesterday’s experience in Utrecht, the Arts and Entertainment school of the Amsterdam ROC was next. First year pop students, listening to my story about the Beatles. My view is, that the Beatles’ artistic high speed growth during the height of their fame, would not have been possible without the deep darkness of the second world war. Indirectly, of course. And as part of a general beauty-explosion during the fifties and sixties. Not just as part of the economic recovery after the war, but more as part of an esthetic answer to the moral and spiritual crisis, uncertainty if you will, that was felt strongly after the holocaust (where was God?? How can such a cultured country invent and carry out the holocaust?). Maybe that is a deeper reason, that I loved the Beatles music so much: an answer in sound, to the unconscious pain, connected to the war. 



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